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Extract Specific Data from Web Pages


Web scraping is a logical, efficient and affordable way to speed up or automate the process of harvesting or gathering specific information from web sites. The web is vast, and manual searches can take days, weeks or months of man hours to gather the equivalent information a web crawler will retrieve in seconds.


To maximise output, and ensure responsible use, we offer a professional and rapid web scraping service tailored to individual organisational needs. Information is quickly and responsibly extracted from web pages without causing harm to the host environment. We can even set up SMS text messaging alerts for changes that need a prompt business response. Business intelligence gathering is increasingly practiced and once retrieved, agile data can be sent directly to database, other application or in your preferred format: Excel, CSV, XML or HTML.

Exbos offer a range of data mining solutions to help your business extract data openly available information from the internet. Our customizable web spider/crawler solutions, code named Athena, can trawl multiple web sites to extract specific information using pattern matching or even summarizing whole pages. Once collected, web data is exportable into feeds or directly inserted into a database for querying. 


Desktop Crawler
Our desktop crawler/spider is a Windows Application that runs directly from one, or more, home or office computers. The Desktop Crawler is an application to extract data from multiple web sites and create well formatted Xml feeds or Html reports. The desktop web spider/crawler will even extract data to create a local copy of an internet site, including all image and media files to browse offline. Find out more...


Hosted Web Crawler
Our hosted crawler/spider is a Windows Service that is configureable to repeatedly extract information from one or more internet sites on a regular basis. Information can be sent to a database or formatted into Xml feeds or Html reports for email, or sent directly to your application. This version of the web spider will extract related image or media data and creates aggregate data for your needs. We offer a fully hosted crawler running off our high performance servers with ultra high internet connection speeds for maximum data throughput. We also offer custom configured solutions for customers who wish to host their own crawler/spider services.
Find out more...


Intelligence Searches

Breaking news, events or business sensitve information: all new and relevant digital data is extractable from websites, social media and discussion forums.  Those organisations wanting to know it first, or desperate to overcome painstaking fact finding can choose to automate their data gathering.  Want to know how we collate and organise output of search and crawl - or how to quickly generate your own powerful database resource? Contact us by form, email or telephone 01274 288 900


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