Bespoke Software Development
Smart software for your business
At Exbos we specialise in developing scalable, fit for purpose, software designed around the needs of your business.

We work smarter using our extensive experience and proven analysis methods to deliver faster and at significantly reduced cost. By involving you, our client, in each stage of the process and delivering often, in manageable stages, we build confidence ensuring the end product is fit for purpose and inline with the vision you set for your business.
Integrated Web, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Development

How We Work
We use a heavily adapted tried and tested version of the agile methodology in our development and testing phases. This adapted method delivers the positive effects of agile but with the security of planned deliverable drops found in the waterfall process.

Additionally the customer gets to see their application early in the lifecycle significantly improving confidence levels. This method has been used in all of our projects to date and has helped lead to their successful on time on budget delivery in all cases.

All of our projects are built as standard on our bespoke localisation and internationalisation engine. This means that should it be required by the project now, or in future, the system can be quickly and easily made to support additional languages. We separate content and design from actual functionality creating white labelled applications.

This allows us to work with a range of design companies, as and when required, to provide the correct look and feel for your application. The correct corporate branding is often important to the client and this method ensures we can deliver even to the most demanding of standards.

The flexibility delivered by this approach saves time and money in both initial development and any future changes. The separation of function and design means that even at the very latest stages of the project the look and feel can be changed without the need for large scale re-testing.
All of our servers and software are built to the highest industry standards employing the best security practices. Our servers are independently assed by a third party on a quarterly basis to ensure PCI Compliance.This includes intrusion testing, port scanning and software patch version checks. This certifies our platforms are safe not just for normal processing but also for handling financial transactions.

As well as PCI compliance we also employ code level best practices to fight against any possible attempts at hacking. During our testing stages we run a battery of tests and pier code reviews to ensure maximum possible security is inbuilt.We take a defence in depth approach with each architectural layer independently secured. Each individual component has no trust with other components and never assumes data even from a known source is safe. Each layer employs its own checks and security procedures securing against the maximum possible number of attack vectors.

Technologies We Use
• Microsoft .NET
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Windows Applications
• Microsoft ASP.NET
• Windows Services
• Windows Azure
• Windows Mobile
• iOS (iPhone/iPad)
• Android (Phone/Tablet)
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