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Need Support?
If you need support, or want to raise a bug against a system, use our fully integrated support platform!

Complete Overview via Support Dashboard
A core value at Exbos is to build robust, safe and secure systems for the long term. Build it right the first time and the support focus  is on safety and security, rather than bug fixes. Paramount for any problem, is that we detect it early with our extensive proactive monitoring tools, and we make it easy for you to notify us the moment you need to.

We promise to rapidly detect problems on any server, system or website we are responsible for.  We have put in an alert system in place whenever problems are detected or when a support ticket has been raised, via our Red Amber Green interface and continual monitoring dashboard.

Pay as you go
You do not need to pre arrange additional support package to enjoy an uninterrupted service.

In the event something does go wrong Pay as you Go clients commit to an hourly rate to fix a problem.  This support suits clients who can rapidly authorise new work.
Most clients opt for a Pre Paid package of additional support.

Offering peace of mind that support credits are in place that can be immediately drawn against in the event that something does go wrong.
Mission critical
Other clients, particularly Government bodies, need to be sure the resource is guaranteed immediately. They cannot risk any interruption of service before the problem is resolved. These clients have a support package guaranteeing the resources will be available to ensure continued smooth running.

Keeping Everyone Safe and Secure
Irrespective of support package, we guarantee to keep all our hosted systems up and running - or we fix them for free.

Re-using elements from within the Exbos extensive toolkit tests the code in multiple projects and varied environments. Inevitably, this makes the code more stable and remarkably robust for the long term.

We are constantly vigilant of  the security updates and patches that are needed to protect our applications from malicious activity.  We keep on top of these so that your data is kept confidential, intact and available at all times.

Need Support?
If you need support, or want to raise a bug against a system, use our fully integrated support platform!
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